246 Sold in May 2018


246 Sold in May 2018


2002 Ford Mustang GT

Engine: 4.6L Turbo V8
Transmission: TH 400
Mileage: 22718 ( actual )

For sale in our Nashville showroom is 2002 Mustang GT Pro Street monster. The list of upgrades and modifications goes on and on and I will not get all of them in this write up but I will touch on the highlights. OK, take an almost new 2002 Mustang GT, yank the engine out and have it totally rebuilt by a professional performance shop in the panhandle of Florida. This entire car was purpose built, for what purpose you ask? Quarter mile, Point A to point B. This car plants 695 Horsepower to the rear wheels using Race gas and twenty pounds of boost and yes, I have the dyno sheet to prove it. The boosted 4.6 was mated to a Chevrolet turbo 400 3 speed automatic transmission that are known to be almost bullet proof. The power is divided in the rear with an 8.8 rear axle housing the has a set of 3:73 gears and feels to me like it houses a spool for straight as an arrow launches. Boost control computer, line lock and cup holder, yep I said cup holder and even better how about air conditioning? For those that like to go fast but stay cool. This is truly a car that you could drive on the street and then take it to the track and kick some asphalt or concrete. This car is not a cut up version of a mustang with fiberglass front end and a Ford badge on the trunk, this car has working power windows and just about everything you would expect in a Mustang GT. Options for this 2002 Mustang pro street for sale include: 76 MM Hellion turbo, Air conditioning, Compact Disc player, Boost controller, Cruise control, Line lock, power steering, brakes, locks and windows, Power to spare, Tilt steering wheel, keyless entry, leather interior and Micky Thompson ET drag radials tires. For more information call us in Nashville at 615-213-1800, or email us at

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1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG

Engine: 4.3L V8 F DOHC 32V
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 63525 ( actual )

For sale in our Nashville Tennessee showroom is a stunning low production 1999 Mercedes Benz AMG C43. This car is no joke, with a massive 4.3L V8 hammering out all the ponies needed to get this sweet machine down the road you will not have any issues passing the right lane drivers. With a very low 63,525 original miles this fun machine has many of memories left to give. Backing this powerplant is a smooth shifting automatic transmission, all you must do is slide the shifter into the “D” position and let that sweet V8 sing. As you let your eyes rest on the exterior of this beautiful 1999 Mercedes Benz AMG C43 for sale you can be assured they will not be disappointed, the soft light silver will not only reflect some heat but also not show as much dirt, so you can cruise a bit longer than usual. Climbing into the cockpit of this beautiful car you can rest on plush leather seating with a wood-grain steering wheel and enjoy the ride. Options and features on and in this 1999 Mercedes Benz AMG C43 include: Air Conditioning, AM/FM/Cassette/6 Disc Changer, Cruise Control, Heated seats, Lumbar support, Power steering, Power brakes, Power sunroof, Power windows, ABS, Tilt and Telescopic steering, Traction control, Power mirrors, Driver and Passenger airbags, Anti-theft system, Leather seating, Radial tires that are wrapped around Aluminum allow wheels. For more information please feel free to call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or Visit us on the web at

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1974 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Buggy

Engine: 1835cc
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Mileage: 75 ( since rebuilt )

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a flaked out 1974 VW Dune Buggy. There are many copies, but only one Myers Manx! In 1964 Old Red was born and set off the dune racing trend and helped push Bruce Myers in to the buggy business! The cars took the racing world by storm, setting records and winning races left and right with VW engines, fiberglass bodies in crazy colors, and trailing arm rear suspension. By the late 60’s the cars being made took the form of more street able rides with room for passengers. This 1974 VW Dune Buggy that the owner believes to be a Myers Manx, is one of those cars with room for four, a stereo system that can rock the block, and all the flake, vinyl, and chrome you can handle. This 1974 VW Dune Buddy is ready for cruising down the beach enjoying life. This Buggy’s exterior is painted in a heavy flake green and the interior is plushily wrapped in nice black vinyl seats. Polished aluminum wheels and late model radials have this buggy at a nice stance. Powering this Buggy is a monster 1835cc Volkswagen Flat 4 mounted in the rear. Power gets put to the ground via a 4-speed manual transmission. The VW engine exhales through dual over the top exhaust and makes the iconic air-cooled clatter that enthusiasts have come to love. Beetles and vans are fun, but this is the most enjoyable way to spend time in a VW. The beauty of these engines are their simplicity and ease to own and maintain. Thanks to a massive aftermarket, there is no shortage of upgrades for this drive train for those that desire a bit more power. If you’re ready to strap into this radical kustom 1974 VW Dune Buggy and hit the dune or perhaps just for more information please call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or e-mail us at

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1971 Chevrolet C10

Engine: 350 CID V8
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Mileage: 2900 ( since rebuilt )

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a red hot 1971 Chevrolet C10 Pickup for sale. This Chevrolet Stepside for sale is one that will draw eyes from miles away, people will snap their necks to get a better look this beautiful restoration. Powering this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale is a General Motors 350CID V8, this is the go to engine for almost every hotrod because they are stout, durable and dependable. Backing this powerplant is a smooth shifting Turbo400 3 speed automatic transmission, this 3-speed will give you the cruising feel when needed or the rocket ship feel if you press the fun pedal to hard. The exterior of this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale has a deep fire red paint scheme that will make your eyes explode, paint so polished that you would think you could stick your finger in it! When you look in the bed of this build you will notice all new wood that you would think it’s a dinning room table. This all is paired with a perfectly matched in my opinion interior, with an entire new gauge cluster that has that sexy black cap or dash pad depending on where you are, makes for a simple but very well-designed interior. That is not even getting to all the good stuff, as you crawl into the captain’s chair you will resting your bottom on a soft and plush leather bucket seat that runs with the theme of the truck. As a passenger riding in this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale you can enjoy all the comfort that the driver has, dual bucket seats and a jamming am/fm cassette player. This 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale has had a renovated suspension system put on it, including new shocks in the rear and independent suspension in the front. This all looks great because if you are looking under this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale you will see the Long Tube headers popping down from the engine bay to a dual pair of new pipes that run all the way out the back. Options on this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale include: Am/Fm/Cassette player, Power Steering and Power brakes, tilt wheel that is capped with a Grant steering wheel, Seatbelts to hold you in your dual bucket seats and Radial performance tires that are wrapped around custom chrome aluminum allow wheels. For more information please feel free to call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or visit us on the web at

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1964 Ford Falcon Futura

Engine: 170 CID I6
Transmission: 2-Speed Automatic
Mileage: 80501 ( undocumented )

For sale in our Nashville, Tennessee showroom is an impossible to miss bright red 1964 Ford Falcon Futura convertible. This is a true 1960’s survivor, a blast from the past if you will. The 1964 Ford Falcon received higher level trim options in the form of the Futura, they say Futura is in the details and this one is no exception! This 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible for sale has a powered black 5 ply soft top that brings the outside in with just a flip of a switch and then the hydraulics do all the work, that’s right an automatic convertible straight from 1964! Once this car comes home with you, you’ll be looking for any excuse to drop the top and let the wind blow through your hair. This Ford Falcon Futura Convertible for sale is equipped with classic whitewalls and factory hubcaps on steel wheels that will leave you feeling nostalgic and show off how classy you really are. This car is straight as an arrow and ready to drive as is. Motivated by the reliable and efficient 170 cubic inch inline 6 backed by a butter smooth 3 speed automatic transmission, you’ll be scooting along with ease. The interior on this time machine will pamper you with it’s very original leather soft black vinyl that wraps the door panels and the bucket like full width seats, full carpeting, Thunder bird “floating” mirror, and courtesy lighted interior… all the luxuries you’d expect from this hopped up trim level. This 1964 Falcon is the perfect car for those that want the size of a pony car with refined styling. This 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible is a nice little cruiser that is ready to be enjoyed for many years to come and is available just in time for summer! For more information please call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or e-mail us at

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1962 Plymouth Valiant

Engine: 170 CID 6-Cylinder
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Mileage: 14546 ( actual )

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a 1962 Plymouth Valiant. This 62 Valiant for sale is an incredible find and a welcome addition to our showroom. Just walking past this car takes you back to a simpler time when the cars we drove were not just modes of transportation but rather reflection of our personalities. This almost all original 1962 Valiant for sale is sporting the paint and interior that it left the factory with 56 Years ago in fact, I only say almost all original only because some of the soft items like radiator hoses belts and some seals had to be replace due to age. Under the hood of this time capsule is the 170 cubic inch slant 6 cylinder that was bolted in at the factory all those years ago. Still bolted to the 3 speed automatic transmission that is controlled by push buttons on the left side of the dash. This multiple award winning 1962 Valiant V-200 for sale has only had 4 owners and it is easy to see that each and everyone of them love and cared for this car. Just a slight twist of the key is all that is needed to bring the iconic slant 6 to life and while it does not have the thump of a high lift cam or the rumple of a header and large exhaust, it does idle with a note of confidence that says “let’s hit the open road and go exploring” So if you have a exploring spirit and would like to be the 5th person to have their name on the title to this 1962 Valiant 4 door for sale give the Nashville showroom a call. Options for this 1962 V-200 for sale include: AM/FM radio, Hub caps, Front seat belts, Cloth interior, Bias ply tires with white walls. For more information call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or email us at

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1947 Buick Super

Engine: 248 I8
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Mileage: 32098 ( undocumented )

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a 1947 Buick Super. And super is the best word for this car. With slick black paint that is so shinny that it looks wet, this graceful lady is ready for a trip to the opera or bowling alley. Long and lean on the outside and to match a straight 8 under the hood to match. This 248 cubic inch straight eight cylinder engine is as smooth as silk and enough power to pull this stout car along at a rapid clip. With a three-speed manual transmission that is controlled with a column shifter or as we us to call it, 3 on the tree. Now I enjoy shifting a manual transmission and todays 6 speed manuals give me plenty of practice, but when you get smooth with a column shifter the feeling of being more connected to the car is incredible. This post war Buick Super for sale is still sporting the original bakealite inside. The interior of this 1947 Buick eight for sale looks like it just popped out of a time machine straight from the factory. Now if you are not familiar with this car take a look at the photos of it and notice the way the hood opens, it rolls from side to side to give you complete access to the engine. You can see the forward thinking everywhere you look, this graceful lady is used to being stared at. Options for this 1947 Buick 147 Include: Am radio, currently not working, Hubcaps, Seat belts, Wide white wall bias ply tires and cloth interior. For more information call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or email us at

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1978 Lincoln Continental

Engine: 400 CID V8
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Mileage: 24157 ( actual )

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a 1978 Lincoln Continental. This 2-door Lincoln is a real land yacht and is ready for a new captain and crew! With an actual 22,970 miles on the Lincoln, this is one real survivor! Powering this Lincoln Continental for sale is a 400 cubic inch big block V8. With a numbers matching drive train, this Lincoln has been unmolested and well taken care of. With torque that could almost pull a house off of the foundation, this Continental for sale has plenty of power to get the wheels turning! Backing the 1978 Lincoln for sale's engine is a stout and smooth shifting automatic transmission, which makes piloting this boat a breeze. With power brakes and power steering, this car just begs to be driven, ready for you and a handful of your closest friends and family! The exterior is painted with one gloss 1 mile deep looking shade of white, the paint on this Lincoln looks as if it's going to drip off the car. The metallic shimmers in the sunlight and highly compliments the rich and creamy vinyl top. The aesthetics of the colors and boxy lines is one you could only find from a classy luxury vehicle of the 70s. Adorned with just the right amount of chrome and polished trim, this driver quality 1978 Lincoln for sale is a real beauty! The interior is what really makes this Lincoln turn heads. The green interior is simply stunning. Using the word plush, is almost an understatement! Try nostalgic or pure classic. The cloth benches are surrounded with a simulated wood grain trim, increasing the elegance and aesthetic appeal of this '78 Lincoln for sale. Options on this Lincoln create a shopping list of goodies, including: A/C, AM/FM radio, power brakes, power steering, power locks, power seat, power windows, tilt wheel, seat belts, cloth interior, and white wall radial tires wrapped around steel wheels with hub caps. Whether you're looking for a weekend cruiser, a car to relive those fond high school memories, or you simply have an affinity for low mileage survivor classics, you've found a car that's right up your alley! For more information please call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or e-mail us at

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1974 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Engine: 350 CID V8
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Mileage: 2000 ( since rebuilt )

For sale in our Nashville Tennessee showroom is a show stopping 1974 Chevrolet corvette Stingray. This 1974 sting ray for sale is draped in a color that GM loved and still loved, a deep and sexy shade of blue. This 1974 Chevrolet Corvette for sale rocks this color as it contrasts nicely with the black Vinyl interior giving this American made sports car a very classic look. And with tee tops this Corvette is classic 1970. Speaking of classic, lifting the hood reveals a 350 cubic inch small block Chevy that re built and installed in 2014 and is topped with a fire breathing fuel blasting four barrel carburetor. This giving the beast the ability to snap past that slow driver with a smirk on your face. Shifting is done through a 3-speed automatic transmission making this one sweet car to cruise across town or across the Country. Looking this car over it has everything going for it, Small block Chevy, Tee tops, Vinyl interior, rally rims, Bright clean paint and even the leather seats are still soft and in great shape. A lot of items have recently been rebuilt, replaced or upgraded like, the new fan, shroud, water pump and radiator. Not to mention the new brake calipers and rotors. The list goes on and on like new center console steering wheel and full audio system. This Corvette still has all the great handling, acceleration and looks that wowed us in our youths and if you are like me, found a special place in your memories. So now is your chance to own the car you could only dream of as a teenager. This car is ready to cruise and needs nothing other than a driver behind the wheel and a lead foot for the gas pedal. Options for this 1974 Vette for sale include: AM/FM with USB for your new phone, T-tops, power brakes, Vinyl interior, radial tires wrapped around rally rims, seat belts, and a permanent grin that will not leave your face. A $237.37 document fee will be added to the sales price. All purchases may be subject to any applicable tax, title, & licensing fees. For more information on this 1974 Corvette for sale call us at 615-213-1800 or email us at

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1957 Ford Fairlane

Engine: 312 CID V8
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Mileage: 5000 ( since rebuilt )

For sale in our Nashville Tennessee showroom is a stunning 1957 Ford Fairlane. This Fairlane for sale has long and sexy lines that stretch one huge chrome bumper to the other, it’s hard not to stop and stare and wonder what kind of stories this car would tell if it could talk? Powering this 1957 Ford for sale is the famous 312 cubic inch V8, this numbers matching Y block “as stated by the owner but not verified by Gateway Classic Cars” has had a fresh build on the engine giving it many years of life left to cruise the streets. With less than 5,000 on the build she is broken in and ready to roll. Backing this V8 powerplant is a smooth shifting automatic transmission that is ready to go visit some backroads and car shows, this Fairlane for sale is not one to shy from the crowds. While you are staring at this land yacht you can let your eyes wander as they are glazing over this red hot red and white paint scheme that looks so deep you could stick your finger in it, this car has the look that the paint is going to drip off of the car! The exterior is just a glimpse to what is going on with the interior, matching color combination is the key to the heart of this 1957 Ford Fairlane for sale. With a split front bench seat with matching red/white vinyl colors and a back seat that has PLENTY of room you will be sure not to have to worry about room for you and the family. Options on this 1957 Ford Fairlane include: AC, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Horse Power, Large white walls that are wrapping steel rims that are adorned with Chrome hub caps you can see a mile away. A $237.37 document fee will be added to the sales price. All purchases may be subject to any applicable tax, title, & licensing fees. For more information about this 1957 Ford Fairlane for sale call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or email us at

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