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1973 Chevrolet Corvette For Sale
Shipment To Houston Available

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The love of classic cars is worldwide. We have sold vehicles to every continent except Antarctica (Penguins can’t drive a manual transmission). How do we deliver so many dreams? Gateway Classic Cars works with top rated shipping companies to deliver your classic car right to your driveway. No matter which of our showrooms your dream classic is located, we can help with vehicle transport to Houston. Approximately 50% of our sales are shipped. Click to view other vehicles that ship to Houston




Sold - Spectacular, this 2 Door Metallic Blue and Tan 1973 Corvette Stingray Sold with a heart pounding 454 CID V8. Complete with a 4 speed manual. Let us sell yours.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 902 miles.




Built for the road, our 2 Door Pearl White and Black 1973 Corvette Stingray 454 For Sale boasts a 454 CID V8 engine with 3 Speed Automatic transmission for $37,000.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 223 miles.




Sold - Astonishing, this 2 Door Green and Tan 1973 Corvette Sold with a heart pounding 454 CID V8. Complete with a 3 Speed Automatic. Let us sell yours.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 1215 miles.




See for yourself! This sleek 2 Door Pearl White and Black 1973 Corvette For Sale is equipped with a 350 CID V8 and a 3 Speed Automatic. This vehicle is ready to hit the road for just $34,000.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 804 miles.




1973 Corvette Custom For Sale. Priced at $55,000.
Color: 2 Door Burgundy & Silver and Black .
Engine: 396 Stroker V8 550 HP.
Transmission: Manual.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 960 miles.




Breathtaking 2 Door Black and Red 1973 Corvette For Sale classic boasts a 4 Speed Manual and 350 V8. This head-turner is available today for only $19,000.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 671 miles.




1973 Corvette Number's Matching 7.4L "Z" Code 454ci V8! For Sale. Priced at $50,000.
Color: 2 Door Red and Black.
Engine: 7.4L 454 V8.
Transmission: Automatic.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 804 miles.




Astonishing 2 Door Black/ Black Top and Black 1973 Corvette For Sale has a solid 454 Big Block V8 under the hood and a 3 Speed Auto transmission. For $67,000 this vehicle can be yours now.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 714 miles.




2 Door Red and Black 1973 Chevrolet Corvette For Sale.
Powertrain: 350 V8 L48 and a 3 Speed Automatic.
Purchase for: $23,000.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 960 miles.




Sold - Marvelous, this 2 Door Millie Miglia Red and Black 1973 Corvette T-Tops Sold with a heart pounding 454 V-8. Complete with a 4 Speed Manual. Let us sell yours.

Approximate shipping distance to Houston is 965 miles.


I wanted to let you know the Galaxie is fantastic. There are no major disappointments, as the car was well represented with the pictures on your website and your descriptions. I also commend Chuck, a true professional. I could not believe how fast the car arrived!! I am truly your satisfied customer.
--Richard Sasser

After an exhausting search for the "right" classic car for us, we finally found it at Gateway Classic Cars of Houston. Nate originally helped us with the car, then turned it over to Duke, who worked with us throughout the rest of the process. Duke was extremely helpful, and went way out of his way to make this deal work. Hats off to Duke and his crew. I give Duke and Gateway a full 5 stars out of 5.
--Chris Thomas

Tim is awesome. Got my Buick sold and I'm happy w the results.
--DJ Ledbetter

I just wanted to thank Gateway Classic Cars for your work on selling our 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

I realized some of the benefits of putting it on consignment with Gateway when we first came to meet with you and saw your showroom and met the staff. However, not until after we consigned the automobile with you and not only did you help us in what it needed to make it more appealing to that limited market of who would be looking at buying an older Rolls, but you really were great in taking care of us through out the 'process' did I realize ALL of the benefits of having it in Gateway's hands.

With the economy what it is today, and the thought of trying to sell something like this on our own, well, I wouldn't want to think about what could have happened with people that are less than honorable looking to take advantage of others that maybe too trusting or just naive to what could happen in going thru the process. We didn't have to worry about if we could trust the person interested in buying it, especially if it would have limited us to the market right here in our area only.

And even then, I would have had to trust that they could drive an automobile that was right side drive without doing any damage during the 'interested' stage. But, then to think about if we had to trust someone thousands of miles away that would be offering to buy it and trying to make the arrangements on transporting it to them and hoping that their payment for the automobile was good.

Again, in today's world, unfortunately, there are less than scrupulous people that would have taken full advantage of us and in consigning the automobile with Gateway, we never had to worry about any of the obvious things that could possibly happen but those things alot of people may not realize could take place.

So, again, I want to thank you for taking not only the time and patience to work with us on selling what I termed 'the old girl'..but making it a process that was very trusting and enjoyable.

We know that in today's market and having a very specialized item, it was not going to be an easy or fast sale. However, I would recommend that anyone thinking about consigning their automobile instead of selling it on their own, contact Gateway Classic Cars.

Thanks Gateway and Staff! You all were fantastic!
--Will and Linda - St. Louis, MO

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