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1930 Durant Coupe

A collector's dream, this Sold Coupe In Scottsdale with a heart pounding 350 CID Crate V8 is complete with a 3-Spd Automatic for $49,000.


1931 Ford 5 Window Coupe

Check out this gorgeous Burgundy Sold Coupe In Scottsdale. Listed for $59,000, this 3 Speed Automatic transmission is the perfect complement to it's V-8 Small Block engine.

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1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe

Stunning classic! Our Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale complete with Chevy 350 V8 and Turbo 400 Automatic can be yours today for $108,000.


1932 Ford Highboy Steel Roadster

Fantastic Burgandy Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale. Buy for $62,000, this 3-Spd Automatic transmission is the perfect complement to it's 350 CID V8 engine.


1933 Factory Five Hot Rod 33 Coupe

See for yourself! This sleek Sold Coupe In Scottsdale is equipped with a 302 Ford Crate V8 and a 3-Spd Automatic and is ready to hit the road for just $40,000.


1934 Ford 5 Window Coupe

Built for the road, our classic! Our Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale complete with 350 CID V8 and 3 Speed Automatic can be yours today for $78,000.


1938 Pontiac Business Coupe

Magnificent Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale classic boasts a 4 Speed Automatic and 350 CID V8. This head-turner is available today for only $59,000.


1950 Cadillac Coupe Deville

See for yourself! This sleek Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale is equipped with a 362 CID and a 3 Speed Automatic and is ready to hit the road for just $37,000.


1965 Chevrolet Nova SS Coupe 327

Striking Blue Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale boasts a 327 CID V8 engine. Priced at $40,000 is a real head turner.


1991 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

Prodigious classic! Our Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale complete with 3.8L Supercharged V6 and 4 speed Automatic can be yours today for $17,000.


2003 Ford 3 Window 1934 ASVE Coupe

Dazzling Yellow Coupe For Sale In Scottsdale has a solid 350 CID V8 under the hood and a 3-Spd THM 700R Automatic transmission.

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I would like to take a moment of your collective time to share with the all of you an unbelievable experience that your Business Development Manager in Houston, Texas created from my 5 year old Grandson, Grayson Smith and myself on August 10 while visiting your place of business.

Earlier in the day, my wife, daughter and two other grandsons (2 and 3 weeks) headed out for breakfast to celebrate Grayson’s 5th birthday. As a warmup present he received from my wife, Lee and myself, subscriptions and samples to Streetrodder and Classic Truck magazines. With that he asked, “Pop can we go look at some hotrods somewhere today?” Coincidentally I had seen your cars and coffee event on the local street calendar, made a call to your Houston office and inquired about coming out for a look. We were welcomed to come out.

Upon our arrival, Mr. James Stanley greeted us and welcomed Grayson and myself to take our time and look around. James asked Grayson about his interest and likes in hotrods and Grayson responded that he was there to look for a birthday outing. Mr. Stanley took it upon himself to essentially construct a “birthday bag” for Grayson full of classic car magazines, keychains, suckers, flashlights and decals. Needless to say Grayson and I both were thrilled, so much so, we borrowed a space in the middle of your showroom, sat down and went through each piece together. I have to tell you the magazines are most likely his favorites. Over the next 2 hours or so, we moved quickly from one car to the next and often back to a car visited earlier. Grayson knows his cars and was spot on with most until we got to the Volkswagens, about which he commented “Pop what is that?”. Clearly he was having fun.

We wound down the visit with the conclusion that Grayson should have a Dodge Charger for college and red would be his color choice.

Please understand we are not new to this. Today Grayson tinkers with me on my 34 Ford and now on my 52 Chieftain. I decided when he was born that he should have the opportunity to understand a bygone era and participate in the same if so inclined.

The amount of attention bestowed on us by Mr. Stanley and the greetings from others in your Houston operation is beyond welcoming and impressive. You have a tremendous individual in Mr. Stanley as part of your organization and I wanted to make sure that I both thank him and you all are made aware of his personable efforts.

As mentioned, I have a couple of classics but my next purchase and/or sale consultation will be through your organization. Based on our recent experience with Gateway there would be no reason to do otherwise.

My sincerest thanks to Mr. Stanley for making Grayson’s 5th birthday a hit. We read those magazines together constantly and talk about them when visiting by phone.

Very best regards,

David Menard | Financial Adviser Buyer

I recently purchased a 1969 Corvette from Gateway Classic Cars and I am really pleased with my purchase. At the time I went to drive it home to Oklahoma and I had a small problem and after a call to Sal Akbani it was taken care of promptly. I would recommend to anyone I know who is looking to purchase a classic car to check out your choices first as you have a nice collection to choose from. I was treated fairly and am quite pleased with your prices and with the prompt way my problem was resolved.

Joe Wiscombe Buyer

Sal, Thank you for the great service regarding my purchase of the '69 GTO. I recieved the title as you promised and it has been easily transferred to my name. I am looking forward to a fun winter project. Plans are in place to do a ground up restoration. Again,thanks a lot!

Brian Jaeger Buyer

Thank you Craig, Adam, and Chelsea for making the purchasing of my 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby Tribute GT 350 Fastback an exciting experience. Setting up transport was easy as well. My wife says I acted like a 19 year old teenager when the car arrived last Saturday and by the end of the summer I will have lost my driver's license! No way. When I was 19, I was in the Army and before that year was out, I was in Vietnam. In a way, now, I will get some of that back.

Murray of Australia Buyer

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