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1972 Dodge Dart


Mopar powered by a V8 340 engine with an Automatic 3-Speed transmission. Red exterior. Black interior.

We hardly ever see these cars anymore. The Dodge Dart was produced from 1959 all the way through 1976. This was the 4th Generation of the Dart which was produced from... See More


1986 Dodge Omni

Shelby GLH-S

Mopar powered by a 2.2L Turbo I4 engine with a 5-Speed Manual transmission. Black exterior. Gray interior.

though many know Carroll Shelby worked much of his career with Ford, there was a time in the 80's that he was heavily improving the performance of the Dodge stable. The... See More


2006 Dodge Ram

SRT-10 Night Runner

Mopar powered by a 8.3L V10 engine with a 6-Speed Manual transmission. Black exterior. Gray/Black interior.

This regular-cab rocket is rated at 500 horsepower from the factory, and this example has had some slick upgrades fitted to increase power even further! a BBK throttle body was fitted... See More

Mopar For Sale In Chicago

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While officially referring to the accessory, parts and service branch of Chrysler, and as a combination of Motor and Parts, MOPAR is a broad and enthusiastic reference to cars and trucks made by Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler. Usage of the MOPAR name was embraced by muscle car aficionados as a way of describing their rides. Higher horsepower, increase performance and reliability are just a few of the MOPAR characteristics. Here at Gateway Classic Cars, we prefer the broad use of the name to refer to many of our most iconic vehicles.

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