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4 Cyl other Manual

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Leather Interior Seatbelts

Step into the world of classic and timeless beauty with this 1976 Porsche 914. Coated in a sleek and sophisticated black exterior, this iconic car immediately commands attention on any road. The elegant color intertwines seamlessly with the tan leather interior, creating an exceptional driving environment that embodies the heart and soul of the Porsche brand.

Under the hood rests a robust 4 Cyl engine, robust and ready to deliver a driving experience like no other. This power-packed machine commends respect and admiration with its potent performance characteristics, ensuring each journey is a true pleasure.

True to Porsche's commitment to providing both style and practicality, our 1976 914 is fitted with a manual transmission. This allows for precision control and a more engaging driving experience - for those who seek harmony between man and machine.

One of the standout features about this vintage gem is the plush leather interior. Offering an appealing blend of comfort and sophistication, it allows occupants to enjoy their ride in an ultra-cozy atmosphere.

Safety is paramount, and this Porsche 914 doesn't falter. Equipped with seatbelts, this model provides an essential line of defense against unexpected events, thus ensuring peace of mind for each journey.

This 1976 Porsche 914 represents a piece of history, elegance, and power. Ideal for vintage car enthusiasts who appreciate the Porsche style and performance, there's no denying the allure and sophistication that come with owning such a stunning classic.

An epitome of Porsche's quality and distinctiveness, this 914 is truly a statement piece - a classic car that tells a story, your story. Get ready to turn heads and create some beautiful memories with this elegant classic.

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